Ehrhardt: Henri and his Friends

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Kirsten Ehrhardt: Henri and his Friends

Twenty Comics in Augmentative and Alternative Communication Finally! The first comic in the field of Augmentative and Alternative Communication By hands or by mouth, or by electronic communication device: Henri, Eric, Hanna and Lili can say anything … and they do. Shrewd, courageous and adroit – their “bunch” masters all adventures they come across in their everyday lives. How can you arrange to go to the movies, join in a soccer discussion, get a cookie or an ice cream when you want it, how can you play and have fun without speaking.Along the way “Henri and his friends” provides a lot of information on AAC and the use of individual communication devices. The AAC-Comic strip invites us to take the misadventures in everyday life of children with special communication needs easier, or even laugh about them. Inspired by her son, author and illustrator Kirsten Ehrhardt created a comic strip which offers an amusing and interesting introduction to AAC. Includes a “Short AAC Encyclopaedia” explaining the specific terminology.

48 pages, bound in boards, approx. € 5,00

ISBN-13: 978-3-86059-199-4

Bestell-Nr.: 000-199


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