Bô Yin Râ: The Book on Happiness

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Bô Yin Râ: The Book on Happiness

The Book on Happiness will guide the reader to a new and deeper understanding of the final roots of happiness and of the hidden laws of nature that underlie and regulate all forms of life, both in the physical and in the spiritual dimensions of reality. Because these laws consistently affect events in human life, no less than any law of physics, they must be carefully observed if one would lead a happy and productive life. In the present book the author shows that happiness in human life is not a random gift of fortune, which some receive and others seek in vain, but the inevitable consequence of all creative, ethical activity. Spiritually considered, happiness is an experience that every human being is not merely able to create, but morally required to attain. It is an obligation every person has to meet, a debt we owe both to ourselves and to society as such. Contents: Prelude. Creating Happiness as Moral Duty. "I and "You." Wealth and Poverty. Money. Optimism. Conclusion. «Das Buch vom Glück» in englischer Sprache

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Bestell-Nr.: 001-899


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