Augmentative and Alternative Communication

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David R. Beukelman, Kathryn M. Yorkston, Joe Reichle: Augmentative and Alternative Communication

For adults with acquired neurologic disorders

The loss of speech in adulthood due to acquired disabilities causes an enormous life change for the person it happens to — and everyone close to them. With this important book, you'll explore the challenges these individuals face during the transition from speaking to using augmentative and alternative communications (AAC). You'll learn new ways to design individualized AAC systems that will help rebuild their communicative confidence and encourage acceptance of their new lives — and for some, even before speech is lost. Practical, and accessible, this research-based resource addresses recent social, medical, and technical changes and how they affect adults with communication disorders. Part 1 discusses the everyday transition issues they struggle with — such as establishing new communication roles and integrating their natural speech with AAC — while Part 2 covers the six leading neurological disorders in adults: amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Huntington and Parkinson's diseases, traumatic brain injury, aphasia, and dementia.

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